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Hess Collection

Join us on top of Mount Veeder, where passion and dedication led Donald Hess to craft world-renowned wines. Whether you wish to enjoy beautifully crafted wine and food pairing from our culinary team, stroll through the Hess Family’s awe-inspiring private art collection or take in the stunning panoramic mountain vineyard views aboard our high-performance ATV-


Freemark Abbey

Freemark Abbey is a classic location that celebrates their passion for wine through classical meets modern decor. Freemark Abbey is a softly lit and low key environment for tasters of all ages (past 21 of course) to enjoy themselves. Freemark Abbey was established back in 1886 and was the very first winery to be established


JCB Salon Bubbles

The JCB Tasting Salon is the other wine tasting tour coming up with Napa Wine. Jean-Charles Boisset founded the JCB Testing Salon in 2011. For the longest, the founder had the dream to champion the history of California wine, and this dream came to pass for this company when the state’s first premium winery became


Raymond Vineyard

Raymond Vinyard launched in 1970, and it is one of the pioneers and great estates of Napa Valley. It started as a 90-acre estate in Rutherford, and it is now 300 acres. Raymond Vinyard has an astounding reputation for elegant wine containing a splendid balance of power, complexity, and finesse. It released its first commercial



Through Beringer, you will experience some of the finest wines that range from the heftiest of reds to the light-bodied white wines. This winery has its deep roots laid out far and wide across Napa Valley. Beringer has been an established locale for the finest wines this side of California. Beringer has been a key